Oct 12

A Jeweller’s Jump

The fresh winter morning of January 13, 1905 was the setting of a most extraordinary moment; one which given the choice many Liverpool pedestrians would rather not have witnessed. At about ten o’clock that day shoppers in the vicinity of Lime Street casually went about their business all with collective thoughts as to the happy new year ahead. Their blissful optimism was brought a depressing end as the figure of a partially-dressed man was seen to fall some forty feet down to the pavement from a third story window. The ambiance of Lime Street soon became awash with terrified screams and unadulterated confusion. The man in question was later revealed to be fifty-seven-year-old Israel Philips, a well-known jeweller based at the building – number 57. Crowds called out for assistance and an ambulance was quickly dispatched. However as Mr Phillip’s plummet concluded when his skull hit the flagstones death was instantaneous. His fatal jump was deemed to be suicide.

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