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Echo Columns: -17/01/12

I’m very pleased to say that the first editions for the Liverpool Echo’s brand new weekly supplement hit news stands yesterday. Depending on your area you’ll receive either the Merseymart or Star, each packed full of extra news for your local community. I was fortunate enough to be offered a page entitled Nostalgia which is a thrill to research and great to write. I hope you enjoy the tales over the coming weeks and months.















Echo Columns: – 24/01/12

This week’s articles both feature a crushing case from the Zoological Gardens which once existed near to West Derby Road. The MerseyMart also includes a tale of a fiery practical joker and the Star mentions the criminal acts of two Walton cabbage stealers.














Echo Columns: – 31/01/12
This week’s Echo Column has just the one version today. We’ve got the case of the canon who came within yards of a gun-wielding intruder in St. Silas, a child bitten by a rabid dog in the summer of 1820, Robert Blanchard the St Helens man with an exhausted horse and a stomach-churning incident with some dangerously dodgy soup. Enjoy.


Echo Columns: – 07/02/12

The Merseymart’s historical round-up has an accidental overdose at Woolton, an horrific find in Sefton Park and a tricky final stair for Aigburth widow Mrs Moyes. In the Star we have the frosty death of one Everton drunkard, and a big advert taking up all our lovely space. Out of my control I’m afraid but it leaves a little extra content to look forward to for the next edition!


Echo Columns: – 14/02/12

This week both editions feature Chris Hulmes excellent look at a Valentine’s Day postcard sent to Anfield’s Miss Smith in 1918 by her wartime beau. From me the Merseymart has the tale of a thieving butler from Childwall and in the Star we have the monstrous case of a baby buried alive by its own mother in the year 1860.













Echo Columns: – 21/02/12

The Echo this week features just one version for both districts. We have the tale of a rather curious bull in Lord Street, a near-miraculous birth on board a Liverpool-bound carriage and the drunken fall of a Tuebrook widow in 1875. Below Chris Hulme brings us his fantastic views of Newsham Park in his article on Memory Lane.


Echo Column: – 27/02/12

The latest column features a murderous event at Rainhill Asylum in the year 1900 and a rather unfortunate accident that took that life of a young disabled girl in Garston. Chris Hulme brings takes us on a tour of the Dove and Olive Branch Hotel in Speke.


Echo Column: – 06/03/12

This week’s edition discusses an email I received from Barry Smith. He is the the 3 x Great Grandson of a Lord Street shoemaker I mentioned in a previous article. This week we share his tale. Chris Hulme brings us news of the George Wise demonstration of 1900 along with a rare view of the event as it happened outside St George’s Hall.


Echo Column: – 13/03/12

The Merseymart edition includes a ghoulish and ghostly tale at the Playhouse along with a snippet of executions known to have taken place in the city’s history plus the case of the Smithdown Road bear. The Star tells the sad story of Robert Leddon and his desperate plight to find a job back in 1893. In Memory Lane Chris Hulme presents a wonderful photograph of Mrs Ropes and her family at their home in Aigburth, 1912.













Echo Column: – 20/03/12

The week the Merseymart features an awful sky-high calamity which befell a mother and daughter in Byrom Street, and a mention of the literary rogue Thomas Bennett. The Star includes the lucky escape of Mrs Peacock in Tarleton Street, a case of Victorian benefit fraud and news of a cutting end for one Walton joiner. In Memory Lane Chris Hulme shows us around Knowsley Hall and details as its stint as a military hospital.














Echo Column: – 27/03/12

Advertising has squeezed us down this week so a bit more of a condensed round up of this weeks additions. In the Merseymart is the fascinating discovery of a mechanical head developed by a technical team of Duke Street dentists. In the Star we’ve got trouble in Huyton as a gang lads raised havoc through the village streets back in the 1860s. Chris Hulme returns us to the Knowsley estate with postcards of its bygone farmers.













Echo Column: – 10/04/12

The Merseymart features the tale of James Singleton who went on the rampage in 1870 whilst the Star tells the immoral story of the policemen who ended up on trial. Chris Hulme looks back on the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic.
















Echo Columns: – 17/04/12

This week we look back on the suicide of a young man in Paradise Street, while Chris Hulme checks out the liners of the White Star Line.



Echo Columns: – 24/04/12

This week we have the story of an eager horseback commuter in 1874, while Chris Hulme explores some old school dress-up.





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